BodyRock Life

BodyRock Life

This is the behind the scenes of who we are and what life is like when you're healthy and able to follow your dreams.
When you are eating right and working out, you'll feel confident and amazing in your own skin. Your life will change. You'll meet people and travel and have experiences that are outside of the norm, simply because you are open to whatever the world throws at you!

BodyRock Life
  • BodyRock Life | 1 | The Ice Hotel

    Watch the team as they arrive in Quebec City and check in to the luxurious Château Frontenac Hotel. Join us as we watch fireworks explode over the internationally acclaimed Ice Hotel, and Lisa give a rundown of what it all means to her.

  • BodyRock Life | 2 | Walkabout in Old Quebec

    In this video we take a tour around Old Quebec! And believe it or not Freddy throws Sean over his shoulders and SQUATS him, and lived to tell the tale. Lol...brothers forever, these two.

  • BodyRock Life | 3 | Huron Village and Snowshoeing

    In this VLOG, we take you Snowshoeing which was very cold but lovely to be in the woods! We also show you a reproduction of a traditional Huron Village, created by Tourism Wendake, in Québec. See you in the Longhouse!

  • BodyRock Life | 4 | Tour Of Château Frontenac

    In this behind the scenes VLOG, we take you around the Château Frontenac, which is an amazing, old Fairmont Hotel that is dead classy and historic. Afterwards, we show you the slide that we went down on in a toboggan (Canadian for Sled) and Freddy suffered a little mishap...sigh...

  • BodyRock Life | 5 | Tour Of Saint Antoine

    Auberge St. Antoine is an amazing, cosy yet modern luxury hotel in Québec City. I show you around a bit then we head back home in our car...we spared you the blizzard we drove home in for over 5 hours!