BodyRock Beginner

BodyRock Beginner - Just dipping your toe into the world of BodyRock? Well, this is a great starting point. Get into the BodyRock mindset as we work your entire body over the course of four workouts. Perfect for beginners, those nursing an injury, and/or those getting just getting back to it. All workout equipment available at the BodyRock Store:

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BodyRock Beginner
  • BodyRock Beginner | Workout 1

    Sometimes, just getting started is the hardest part! We hear you and we've got you covered! Today's workout will not leave you overwhelmed and discouraged but it will get your heart pumping and your muscles working! Are you ready?

  • BodyRock Beginner | Workout 2

    Today's workout takes place on the floor but that doesn't mean it is easy! We're going to work those glutes and abs. It will burn but trust us, it's for a good cause!

  • BodyRock Beginner | Workout 3

    Let's work on balance and stability while tightening and toning our legs, glutes and abs!

  • BodyRock Beginner | Workout 4

    Time to add a little bit of weight to the mix! You don't have to go heavy, but you do need to feel challenged. Are you ready to work your body from head to toe?