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  • Beginner Bootcamp - Series 2

    34 videos

    Fitness goals don't happen, they are earned. May is National Fitness month so it's time to get up, and start sweating with us for Beginner Bootcamp 2.0. Designed for people who've never worked out before, want to shed a few extra pounds for summer or don't have time to hit the gym daily, this pro...

  • Beginner Bootcamp - Series 1

    27 videos

    The BodyRock Beginner Bootcamp with Edith! This is a full 4 week program of entry-level workouts for those who have never worked out a day in their life, are overweight, are recovering from injury, and pregnant, and seniors! Very basic workouts with no equipment required!

    The Series Also Has:

  • BodyRock Beginner

    4 videos - Just dipping your toe into the world of BodyRock? Well, this is a great starting point. Get into the BodyRock mindset as we work your entire body over the course of four workouts. Perfect for beginners, those nursing an injury, and/or those getting just getting back to ...

  • The DailyHiit Show - Beginner Weights

    6 videos

    The DailyHiit Show - Beginner Weights

  • Beginners - No Equipment

    25 videos

    Beginner Level Workouts that require zero equipment. Which means zero excuses!

  • The DailyHiit Show - Beginner Challenge

    15 videos

    The DailyHiit Show - Beginner Challenge -

  • BodyRock Yoga | Beginner

    8 videos

    Have you always wanted to do yoga? Well we have made it easy for you. Deanna will guide you on your journey from a yoga beginner to intermediate and set you on your way to be a true Yogi with the advanced practice. These are great routines for post-workout or at the end of a very long day. Ready ...

  • Level Up
    10 videos

    Level Up

    10 videos

    Getting your fitness journey started is half the battle! We know that when you are a beginner and looking to get up to the intermediate level, it can feel like an impossible jump. Trust us, we understand. Level Up is here to help you make that leap feel a little smaller! Using the principles of H...

  • Beginner Vinyasa Flow

    30 videos

    Join Deanna for 3 weeks of motivation and an introduction to Beginner Vinyasa Flow Yoga! - Vinyasa means "to link movement to breath". This brings you to a more meditative state, while allowing you to build a stronger body and fine-tune your body awareness.

    Keep in min...