Beginner Bridge Bootcamp

Beginner Bridge Bootcamp

Join BodyRock Trainer Irina & start the new year with a stronger body. This Beginner Bootcamp features short, powerful workouts that’ll build a fitter body and the confidence you need to keep going.

As seen on: Sweatflix Live 2019

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Beginner Bridge Bootcamp
  • Beginner Bridge: Class 1

    All you need to smash this workout is 20 minutes, a little motivation and your own bodyweight. BodyRock Trainer Irina is going to take you through this beginner HIIT workout that'll help you progress into fitness safely and with measurable results.

    But you've gotta start, and then you've gotta ...

  • Beginner Bridge: Class 2

    No equipment? No problem. This 20 minute bootcamp style class is made for people who are new to fitness and may not have tons of gear (or endurance) yet. Don’t get us wrong: BodyRock Trainer Irina is going to push you, but it’ll be nothing you can’t handle. Believe in yourself!

    Start now!

    Gear ...

  • Beginner Bridge: Class 3

    This third class in the Beginner Bootcamp Bridge kicks things up a notch--but it’s nothing you can’t handle. In a mere 20 minutes, you can sculpt and reshape your entire body using powerful, compound moves, and a select pieces of equipment.! See how it’s done.


    Gear Used:
    Core Bands...

  • Beginner Bridge: Class 4

    Irina is kicking things up a notch in this addictive beginner bootcamp workout. Today, you’re going to be using the power of unilateral movements and The Pink Thing resistance band (or any resistance band if you don’t have the Pink Thing) to strengthen and sculpt your body from head-to-toe.


  • Beginner Bridge: Class 5

    Things are heating up in this bootcamp style class designed for beginners. In today’s class, BodyRock Trainer and your host Irina has designed two amazing circuits to sculpt and strengthen your lower body and upper body.

    Gear Used:
    Core Bands
    Yoga Mat

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