Beginner Bodyweight Workout Playlist

Beginner Bodyweight Workout Playlist

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Beginner Bodyweight Workout Playlist
  • SF Live 2020: Episode 40

    One piece of equipment! That’s all BodyRock Trainer Denetra uses in this 24-minute total body workout. Don’t have a vest? No worries. You can do this workout with your bodyweight alone and still get fat-blasting, calorie-torching result.

    Grab weighted vest in our store:


  • Stay Safe: Episode 1

    Full-Body Blast-Off with Denetra

    Denetra's kicking off our StaySafe Sweatflix series of workouts. Created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this series of 24-minute workouts shows you can get and stay fit while also being socially and morally responsible.

    For this first workout, you do not...

  • DailyHIIT Live #4 Part 4 - Cardio HIIT

    Cardio HIIT

  • SF Live 2020: Episode 25


    This 24-minute full-body HIIT workout is gonna FLY by--and burn a ton of calories! That’s the beauty of this fast-paced and energetic circuit structure with Sylvie. Gear up, ‘cause this is going to be good!

    Gear Used:
    Yoga Mat

    Get the gear here:


  • HIITMAX Live #215 - 40 Minutes Full Body Bodyweight Cardio

    HIITMAX Live #215 - 40 Minutes Full Body Bodyweight Cardio

    To compliment - Reps #80, 81 & 82

    Full Body Real-time BodyWeight Cardio.

    You Start On - Side Steps
    Jump Out & In
    Heismans / Step Step Jump
    Floor Touch Jump - Left
    1/2 Burpee Knee Touch
    Close Squat Jumps

  • Daily HIIT #98 - Vest Only Workout

    Daily HIIT #98 - Vest Only Workout

  • Extreme Sweat | Week 2 | Day 4 - BodyWeight

    Cardio day! Straight up, full body, aerobic cardio. If you aren't exhausted at the end of these 12 minutes, you're not pushing hard enough!

    12 Minutes

    Full Body


  • DailyHIIT Live #21 - Bodyweight Workout

    Body Weight Full Body

    Set Your Timers to 30 Seconds Work & 10 Second Rest.

    You Will complete the Following Moves.

    1/2 Burpee Tuck
    Side Jumps
    Double Squat & Half Burpee
    Walking Mountain Climbers
    Jump Forward & Back & 1/2 Burpee
    Donkey Kick Walkover
    Front Jump & Walk Back
    Side ...

  • Stay Safe: Episode 2

    Abs and ass, FitFam! That's what we're training in this short and sweaty StaySafe workout. Get ready for BodyRock Trainer Denetra to light a fire under your butt and in your belly. We're talking about ab and glute activation like you've never felt before.


    Optional gear:

    Weighted V...

  • HIITMax Live #102 - All About The Glutes & Thighs

    HIITMax Live #102 - All About The Glutes & Thighs

    Vest, Weight & Resistance Glute Moves. 

    Follows Along As Lisa Works Your Glutes, Inner Thighs & Outer Thighs using Vest, Weight & Resistance Glute Moves. 

    Weighted Vest
    Bench Pre...