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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

5x8 Series: Episode 3

5x8 Series • 1h 16m

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  • 5x8 Series: Episode 4

    Sean's got a workout to perk up your pecs today. Following the standard two minutes of cardio and six minutes of lifting, he's going to hit your pecs from every angle, helping to build a stronger, sexier chest while clocking an insane calorie burn.

    The workout is just under an hour, so grab som...

  • 5x8 Series: Episode 5

    Bring your A-game for this high-energy workout that's guaranteed to supercharge your calorie burn all day. The focus is upper body and core, but during your cardio components, Sean's throwing in some lower body too.

    Gear Used:
    Sculpt Bar
    Step Riser
    Weighted Vest
    Stability Ball
    Pink Thing

  • 5x8 Series: Episode 6

    Your legs are going to feel like jelly tomorrow, but it's going to be worth it when you see how this lower body 5 x 8 workout can push you to your max. Coming in at just under an hour, this workout is designed to help you see just how strong you are. Even if you need a break, just making it throu...