5x8 Series

5x8 Series

Supercharge your workout by changing up your structure with the 5 x 8 series with BodyRock Trainer, Sean Light. This series is perfect for anyone ready to take their workouts to the next level.

Easy modifications mean that whether you're a beginner looking to move to intermediate training or at an intermediate level looking to make the leap to advanced, this series can help you bust through fitness plateaus, burning more fat and building more lean muscle.

How 5 x 8 Works:

Instead of doing standard circuits or superset intervals or reps, 5 x 8 training necessitates that you do two minutes of cardio and six minutes of lifting for five distinct circuits.

The main workout is 40 minutes, but sometimes Sean throws in a bonus burnout, so be ready for anything! Remember: challenge breeds change!

The proof is in the puddle of sweat -- and the noticeable difference in the way you'll look and feel.

Do I Need Equipment?

Yes. You’ll need some resistance equipment to get the full benefits of 5 x 8 training.

The fundamental equipment you’ll require are dumbbells and a step riser. The Balance Trainer, a weighted vest, Challenger Bars, and some resistance bands are great to max out your sweat ‘sesh. Sean uses them all, but you can improvise. The main point is to MOVE, and work HARD.

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Ready to Join Sean? All you've got to do is PRESS PLAY!

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5x8 Series
  • 5x8 Series: Episode 1

    Ready to break through fitness plateaus and see more sexy, sculpted lean muscle? Ready to burn major fat during and after your workout? Of course you are! Join BodyRock Trainer Sean Light for the first in the 5 x 8 series of workouts. Targeting your whole body, this workout is just under an hour ...

  • 5x8 Series: Episode 2

    Lower body, core, and of course, cardio spurts are the name of the game in this 5 x 8 episode. We're going to load up with weight and use resistance bands to help build those body stabilizing and shaping stabilizing muscles.

    The workout is just under an hour, so grab some water and get ready.


  • 5x8 Series: Episode 3

    Get ready to give your back a boost in this hour-long red-hot 5 x 8 workout with BodyRock Trainer Sean Light. Building your lats, rhomboids, rear delts, and erector spinae, this sweat 'sesh is going to help you on your way to a stronger back and more functionally solid body in general. The massiv...

  • 5x8 Series: Episode 4

    Sean's got a workout to perk up your pecs today. Following the standard two minutes of cardio and six minutes of lifting, he's going to hit your pecs from every angle, helping to build a stronger, sexier chest while clocking an insane calorie burn.

    The workout is just under an hour, so grab som...

  • 5x8 Series: Episode 5

    Bring your A-game for this high-energy workout that's guaranteed to supercharge your calorie burn all day. The focus is upper body and core, but during your cardio components, Sean's throwing in some lower body too.

    Gear Used:
    Sculpt Bar
    Step Riser
    Weighted Vest
    Stability Ball
    Pink Thing

  • 5x8 Series: Episode 6

    Your legs are going to feel like jelly tomorrow, but it's going to be worth it when you see how this lower body 5 x 8 workout can push you to your max. Coming in at just under an hour, this workout is designed to help you see just how strong you are. Even if you need a break, just making it throu...