Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

Up Next in 1000 Rep Challenge - 10 Day Challenge

  • 1000 Rep Challenge | Day 3

    Here's the thing, this is not an easy challenge. BUT, you can do it. Make this challenge work for you, however that looks. You'll be amazed by what you can do if you just stick with it. 300 reps, are you ready?

  • 1000 Rep Challenge | Day 4

    Today we're going to hit 400 reps but we're also going to mix things up a bit. Today we're adding cardio moves to the mix. All you've got to do is follow along. Hit play and let's get going!

  • 1000 Rep Challenge | Day 5

    After today, you're half way through! Today Sean's adding another 100 reps of cardio based work so you can burn optimal fat!